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Our Code of Conduct

Responsibility to Perform - Each player has voluntarily chosen to make a commitment to this organization. That commitment comes with the responsibility and the accountability for your actions both on and off the ice. In order to fulfill your responsibility, you are expected to meet and fulfill your Team and Club’s criteria to succeed. Each player will follow all rules, regulations, guidelines, and by-laws as outlined by the Haverford Ice Hockey Club (HIHC), and this Code of Conduct.


Drug, Alcohol, and Tobacco Policy - Any use or possession of drugs, narcotics, hallucinogens, or alcoholic beverages by participants of the HIHC is strictly prohibited. THIS IS A ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY and will be enforced if discovered by a Team Head Coach or HIHC Board Member. Any player found to be in violation may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including suspension or termination from the club without refund or relief from the financial commitment. Players observed smoking or chewing tobacco will be subject to disciplinary actions as determined by the head coach up to and including playing suspension. Repeat offenses may result in termination from the club without refund or relief from the financial commitment.


Financial Commitment - The Parent agrees to be responsible for the financial commitment made in this Agreement (which includes the payment of a Registration Fee and a Player Fee), even in the event that Player’s Club or playing privileges are suspended and/or terminated for any reason, including but not limited to disciplinary or academic issues, injury or illness, and understand this to mean that in no case will the Player Fee be prorated for any portion of the season.The Parent understands and agrees that if the Player resigns or otherwise voluntarily terminates his/her participation for any reason after signing this agreement and participating in evaluations, the Player is not entitled to a refund of the Player Fee and must pay the entire remaining balance of the Player Fee before a the player will be permitted to resume participation with the club in this or future seasons.The Parent understands that the USA Hockey Atlantic District requires member Clubs to report any player’s outstanding financial obligation to the District. The Parent and Player understand that a reported player cannot be placed on the roster of any other Atlantic District team (middle school, high school, in-house or travel ice hockey team) until the outstanding financial obligation
to the Club is satisfied.


Safety - Participants are required to wear ALL appropriate ice hockey equipment, at all times for all practices, scrimmages, and games per USA Hockey rules and regulations including mouth guards. Neck guards are highly recommended. Failure to comply with these requirements will result in ejection from the remainder of the practice, scrimmage, or game.


Attendance, Tardiness and Swing Players - All players are expected to attend all practices, scrimmages, and games. All players will be responsible to abide by the rules imposed by each individual coach. Failure to comply will result in disciplinary actions as determined by the coaching staff. If your Junior Varsity Player is considered by the Coaching Staff to be a
“Swing-Player” for the Varsity Team then, THAT player MUST be committed to play on the Junior Varsity Team for the entire season and attend the scheduled games and participate in practices as well. The Varsity Coaching Staff has the authority to change these players at any time if he elects to do so during the season. The swing player is committed to the JV Team unless, if approved by both Coaches to move up to a Varsity game and participate. At no time is a “swing player” solely considered a “varsity only player,” unless THAT player is “locked in” to the Varsity roster by the Varsity Coach. Both the JV and Varsity Coaches will continually communicate to make sure that there are enough players participating in the scheduled games/practices for both teams.

Club Dress Code
- As a club member you are a representative of the HIHC. The club’s dress code is determined by the Head Coach of each team. Violation of this rule may result in disciplinary action as determined by the Head Coach.


Team Uniform - The uniform of all HIHC teams is: Haverford jersey(s), matching socks, helmet, and (TBA, designated team) shell, please see uniform order forms for more details. High school practice jersey to be designated by coach.


Respect and Maturity - Each player is responsible to balance schoolwork, social and family activities, and athletics. HIHC players will show respect for their coaches, teammates, referees, opponents and spectators. Incessant swearing and abusive language will not be tolerated. Failure to comply with these rules will result in disciplinary action as determined by the Head Coach.Fighting is not tolerated. Any HIHC player involved in a fight will receive the league-imposed discipline and may be subject to additional disciplinary action as determined by the Head Coach.
Any additional fighting offense(s) within the same season will be reviewed by the HIHC Board for possible further discipline up to and including suspension or expulsion from the club without
refund or relief from the financial commitment. Any destruction/damage to private property will be cause for immediate dismissal as well.


Hazing - No member of the HIHC is required to subject themselves to any form of hazing or initiation of any kind. Club members are specifically prohibited from participating in any improper conduct towards another club member in the form of hazing, initiations or any act which is against a player’s will. If any member of the club is subject to such behavior, the member is expected and requested to immediately contact a Board member and notify them of said conduct. Participation in such activities may result in disciplinary action up to and including suspension or termination from the club without refund or relief from the financial commitment.