General Information

Throughout the season, HIHC teams typically practice at The Skatium. Practices (as well as games) may be held at other rinks and locations.Coaches and team managers will provide details on practices and will share the practice schedule once teams are selected. High School Players should wear the designated practice jerseys to all practices (once determined by coaches).


New players and players moving from the middle school to the high school level will be required to purchase new uniforms for the hockey season. All uniforms must be ordered from the chosen vendor as they are custom orders. Uniform orders must be placed immediately after team selections to ensure delivery prior to the start of the season.
High School Players:

  • White helmet
  • Haverford jerseys (red and white)
  • HIHC shell
  • Haverford striped socks (red and white)
  • Bauer embroidered H gloves

Middle School Players:

  • Haverford red jersey
  • Black shell
  • Haverford striped socks

Elementary School Players:

  • Haverford red jersey
  • Black shell
  • Haverford striped socks

CLICK HERE for Uniform Order Form

Club Photos

Individual and team photos are taken in the fall and are available for members to purchase. Purchase of photos is not required. However, all players must attend the club and team photo sessions as the photos are used in the school yearbooks.

Summer Clinics & Summer League Play

Summer clinics and summer league games may be conducted by individual team/coaching staffs. Costs for summer clinics and leagues, if any, are NOT included in club fees and attendance is optional.HIHC will not be financially responsible for the collection of fees associated with clinics, spring, or summer leagues.

Team Banquets & Parties

An annual banquet is scheduled each year for the High School. The team representative will notify families and players of the time and place.Parties are also traditionally held for the middle school and elementary school teams, arranged by the team manager and other parents.