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Hockey Mania Tickets Coming Soon!

We are about to kick off our second annual Hockey Mania Fundraiser! This was a huge fundraiser for our club last year – we sold 226 tickets and raised $3,164! In addition, 19 of our tickets were winners, paying cash in amounts ranging from $25 to $300!

This year, we need every player to sell at least 5 tickets to reach our goal of $5,000 profit. To help you reach your individual sales minimum, this year we are offering the option to sell tickets online. Now friends and family from near and far will be able to support your player and our club! In addition, at the request of one of our families, we are offering the option to “cash out” from this fundraiser. If you choose this option, you are committing to donate $70 (5 tickets x $14 profit per ticket) to the club instead of selling tickets this year. Click here to let the team know your player’s preference (online form.)

That’s not all! We are going to offer a prize to the top sellers of each team – Elementary Red, Elementary Gold, Middle School, High School JV and High School Varsity* – $100 off tuition for the 2019-2020 season or a $50 Amazon gift card (winner’s choice).

Tickets will be distributed starting the week of November 12. More information about next steps for each option will be sent next week!

Remember, every dollar we raise through fundraising reduces the need to increase tuition year over year. Ice time and league fees are expensive and continue to go up!

If you have any questions about Hockey Mania, please contact Karen Danley (

Thank you!

*Swing Players for Elementary Red/Gold will count as part of the Red team. Swing Players for High School JV/V will count as part of the Varsity team.